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by Ms. S on December 28, 2010

Since some of you are new readers and some of you are regulars, I wanted to take the time to highlight the tools we have recently added throughout These tools are designed to help us achieve our mission of taking the work out of healthier living and have others, especially parents, make healthier choices!

Healthy Child Healthy World

Healthy Child Healthy World Widget. This widget links to the Healthy Child website with the Latest News, Top Posts and Top Topics on their website. Healthy Child Healthy World is a wonderful nonprofit that is dedicated to raising awareness on how to “create cleaner, greener, safer environments” for children and families.

You may find this widget throughout, on the Homepage, Parenting, Pregnancy, and Household websites. It is in the lower left right section of each page, below The S File™ Live Twitter Feed and the list of Post Categories.

The S File™

The S File™ Shopping Lists. Each site — Health, Parenting, Pregnancy, and Running A Household — contains one-click access to an online The S File™ Store, which is essentially my shopping list by these respective categories. Access to these sites allows you to purchase our favorite products that we have highlighted on the site. This list includes various books, cookbooks, food containers, natural remedies, food, and much more.

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Recalls by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. On the upper right hand section of the Parenting site, below the “Search” function, there is a widget with a live update of Breaking News and Recent Recalls from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. These headlines link to the CPSC’s official website for additional information. We think it’s imperative for individuals, especially parents, to be up-to-date on all current recalls. Widgets. There are two widgets by that make healthier shopping much easier. These widgets rate the toxicity levels of various products such as cars, cell phones and toys. We used them to help address the nausea we kept experiencing when driving in our car. Turned out, our car has high levels of chlorine! Thanks to the widget for helping us out!

Anytime you need a reminder of all these great tools, just refer back to the Tools category. Future tools will be added to this category as well. Try them and let us know what you think!


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