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  • Table of Wine Types
  • Pesticides in Wine: A Concern?
  • Table of Delicious Healthier Wine Options
  • Organic Wines
  • Natural Wines
  • Biodynamic Wines
  • Sulfites: A Concern?
  • Yeast in Wine
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    Pesticides in wine emerged as a concern after a 2008 test by the Pesticide Action Network Europe.  They tested 40 bottles of conventionally produced wine (including wines made by world famous vineyards) and discovered that all bottles contained pesticides, with one bottle containing 10 different pesticides.  On average, each wine sample contained over four pesticides.  The analysis revealed 24 different pesticide contaminants, including five classified as being carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic (reproductive hazards) or endocrine disrupting.

    The discovery of pesticides in samples of wine follows the publication of a report by the French Ministry of Agriculture which identified 15 pesticides as being systematically transferred from grapes into wine during the wine-making process.  Grapes are among the most contaminated food products on sale in the EU and receive a higher dose of synthetic pesticides than almost any other crop.

    ‘The presence of pesticides in European wines is a growing problem’, said Elliott Cannell of PAN Europe.  ‘Many grape farmers are abandoning traditional methods of pest control in favour of using hazardous synthetic pesticides.  This trend has a direct impact on the quality of European wines.  In two thirds of cases the pesticide residues identified in this study relate to chemicals only recently adopted into mainstream grape production in the EU.’

    – “European Wines Systematically Contaminated With Pesticide Residue“; 2008 March 26; Pesticide Action Network Europe

    Healthier Wine Options

    If you’re looking to reduce the amount of chemicals in your wine, then wines to consider are organic, natural and biodynamic.


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