Organic Eating on a Budget

by Ms. S on December 27, 2013

Dr. Oz recently provided some tips on how to save money while eating more organically.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn some new tips (and happy to have my post on pesticides in wine reaffirmed!).

Below is a summary of the four tips from the Dr. Oz Show, Save Money: Organic Secrets.

  1. You can earn online points by recycling and these points may be applied towards organic purchases.  Check out
  2. Buy organic fruits and vegetables when they are in season, and buy from local farmers.  I found the chart below to be very helpful.

    created by the Dr. Oz Show

  3. Organic snacks: (i) grapes / raisins / wine should be organic; and (ii) Mashups were recommended.
  4. Wine often times contain pesticides.  Bonterra was a recommended wine (with no sulfites added) and is affordable at $9.99!

You may watch the clip by clicking here: Save Money: Organic Secrets.

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