Watches — Did You Ever Think They Could Contain Toxins?

by Ms. S on March 9, 2011

Someone had given my daughter a pink, Hello Kitty watch a while ago. I knew right away from the soft plastic wrist bands that it probably had phthalates and other toxic chemicals that I so often see in the news. Since my daughter loved it so much, I let her enjoy it (but hid it for periods of time, until she asked for it or found it).

Sprout Watches: Low-Toxic, Environmentally-Friendly!

After she evolved to putting the watch in her mouth with more frequency, I threw it out, hoping that she’d forget about it. She didn’t though. She’d ask for it, get sad about her missing watch, and ask me to find it.

I searched for low-toxic watches but couldn’t find any. Then, while browsing Alicia Silverstone’s blog The Kind Life, I discovered a company, Sprout, that creates low-toxic watches.

Depending on the materials, watches may contain phthalates, PVC, BPA and lead. Sprout watches, however, are entirely lead- and phthalate- free. Most of the materials — the case, buckle and inner parts — are made from 100% corn resin (corn resin is a biodegradable material made out of a renewable resource, corn). The watch strap is made from organic cotton and the dial is constructed out of bamboo (bamboo is a natural, non-synthetic fiber that is also a quick-growth plant with a harvesting period of only 3 to 5 years). And, Sprout batteries are mercury-free! How cool is that?

Dedicated to making the most eco-friendly watches possible, at least 80% of Sprout watches are made from eco-friendly, biodegradable materials. Instead of using plexiglass for the lenses, Sprout watch lenses are made from mineral crystal, a type of sand. Sprout’s mission to being as eco-friendly as possible comes all the way down to their commitment to using recyclable packaging materials and reducing the size of their packing cartons.

Please note that the watch is kind of large (larger than it appears in pictures), especially for a child (the face is large for her wrist, and I have to make an extra hole in the wrist band so that it can close to a smaller circumference). Regardless, my daughter loves her new pink watch, and I love that there’s nothing in it that may impair her health!

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