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by Ms. S on January 22, 2009

From Pure & Easy Cleaning website:

Hydrogen Peroxide is widely regarded as the safest alternative to chlorine bleach. It has similar disinfecting and bleaching properties though it works in a different way. Hydrogen peroxide is a water molecule with an extra oxygen molecule attached. When it comes into contact with organic matter, such as bacteria, it releases the extra oxygen molecule, oxidizing and killing the bacteria. This is the bubbling action you see. When the bubbling is done, only water remains. The hydrogen peroxide you buy at a drugstore is a 3% dilution and is safe for use as an antiseptic and for home cleaning. Higher dilutions of hydrogen peroxide are used in a wide variety of non-household applications. Here is the EPA’s Fact Sheet on Hydrogen Peroxide.

It is often used in hospitals because it causes far fewer adverse reactions than alternative disinfectants.


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