PBDEs in Household Dust

by Ms. S on April 29, 2010

Please note that this section contains my personal notes from my readings on this topic.

From The Toxic Sandbox (2007) by Libby McDonald; page 114:

The Environmental Working Group (EWG), a watchdog environmental agency in Washington, DC, collected household dust from ten homes in states across the country.  Testing these samples, they learned that the levels of brominated fire retardants (PBDEs) found in dust bunnies under beds and behind sofas is unusually high compared to the other chemical compounds they tested for.  Prior to the dust study, they had tested breast milk from ten of the twenty study participants.  Comparing these studies, they were mystified to learn that there appears to be no correlation between PBDE levels in household dust and PBDE levels in our bodies.  One possible explanation might be that some people tend to absorb more PBDEs than others, either metabolizing them differently or eliminating them more slowly.


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