Envirosax Bags: A Chic Way To Avoid Plastic Shopping Bags

by Ms. S on September 17, 2010

Envirosax Shopping Bag

Envirosax Shopping Bag

About 3 years ago, soon after my first daughter was born, as I started to learn about the negative health consequences of plastic, I started minimizing the use of plastic water bottles, plastic food containers, and plastic wrap — anything that “touched” our food and drinks. It has taken me longer, however, to care about minimizing the use of other plastic things, such as plastic bags. It wasn’t until after learning about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the largest garbage dump in the world, that I wholeheartedly wanted to minimize the use of this non-biodegradable material.

Did you know that there is 3.5 million tons of trash in the Pacific Ocean, and that 90% of it is estimated to be plastic?

Located in the Pacific Ocean, between California and Japan, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is estimated by some to be approximately twice the size of Texas; is 90 feet deep at some points; and contains 3.5 million tons of trash, of which 90% is estimated to be of plastic. Check out this video: Oprah Reports on The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Since becoming a mother, I have become increasingly sensitive to the environment and all parent-child relationships, including those among animal- and sea- life! The images below have had a lasting impact on my buying and recycling behavior.

Sea Turtle Adapts To Plastic

Stuck in a plastic ring as a baby, this sea turtle adapts as an adult

This baby albatross, like too many others, died from a diet full of plastic

Envirosax Reusable Shopping Bags Make Avoiding Plastic Bags Fun, Convenient and Stylish!

My attempts at being more eco-friendly have been helped tremendously by reusable Envirosax bags. The bags are not only easy and convenient to carry in my purse and computer bag, but they are also chic and stylish! Check out the many available styles at www.envirosax.com.

Some celebrities are already on board!

Celebrities Using Envirosax

Celebrities Using Envirosax

Read more about why you should minimize use of plastic:


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