Personal Care Products: Have You Detoxed Your Morning Routine Yet? Then Check Out This Video.

by Ms. S on August 11, 2010

The latest numbers from the video below estimate that the average woman uses 12 personal care products in her morning routine and the average man uses 6 in his. Each average person’s routine exposes them to at least a dozen chemicals. Some of these chemicals are known carcinogens (i.e., causes cancer), neurotoxins, and reproductive toxins. Generally, less than 20% of chemicals used in personal care products are tested for safety. Is this great unknown worth it? As has been said by many others, we’re in the midst — and participants — of a huge science experiment.

Healthier Choices Exist!

The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep cosmetic safety database would be invaluable in helping you select safer personal care products. It evaluates many products and assigns a “hazard rating.” That’s how I’ve been selecting products for my family. (Please note: I use it to rule out products with high ratings. Then, for products with low ratings, I look at the ingredients list to see how comfortable I am with them. The more recognizable the ingredients, the happier I am. For practical reasons, however, I sometimes choose “low-hazard” products with ingredients that raise eyebrows.)

Check out the hazard ratings of what you’re currently using! Then make a more informed choice next time you need to replenish your beauty cabinet (if you’re not compelled to revamp your products immediately!).

The United States lags behind many other parts of the world in safety standards for personal care products. The European Union has banned more than 1,100 chemicals from cosmetics because they are known or highly suspected of causing cancer, genetic mutation or reproductive harm. In contrast, the United States bans or restricts only 11 chemicals from cosmetics.

– “No More Toxic Tubs: Getting Contaminants Out of Children’s Bath and Personal Care Products; page 21

Our Personal Care and Cleaning Products

If you’re interested in seeing what we’ve settled on (for now), then click below. My first objective has been to find products that have as low a hazard rating as possible; the second objective has been the basic performance of the products. Finding the most effective non- or lower- toxic personal care products is unique to each person, however, since everyone has different skin and care issues and preferences.

Of course, mom and dad are always last on the To Do List so I have not spent much time on adult personal care products. Generally, I try to minimize the use of personal care products, especially since I’ve been pregnant and now nursing. When I do use products, I use my children’s shampoos and lotions. I have really dry skin so, honestly, I sometimes use a certain cream that has toxins (I’ve cut down significantly though), but that’s my only indulgence. I usually use safer moisturizers for body and face, like vitamin E and Jojoba oils.

If you have low toxic products that you love, please share them with us! I haven’t even begun to research makeup!

Please note: you can help change the laws by getting started with The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics!

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