Considering the Health Benefits of Red Wine

by Ashley S. Cooke on July 30, 2014

Wine has long been one of my favorite indulgences, and during the cold winter months, I find a glass of red wine to be especially satisfying.  Since I drink wine anyway, and have heard news stories about the benefits of resveratrol in red wine, I decided to look deeper into the issue to see if there were more benefits to be gained from the drink.  What I found was exciting for a frequent wine drinker – not only has red wine been linked to heart health, but better skin as well!


Resveratrol has become widely known as the antioxidant that gives wine its health benefits.  Research suggests that resveratrol may reduce inflammation and blood clotting, which can help prevent heart disease and damage to blood vessels.  It also is said to increase the levels of “good” cholesterol and protect against artery damage.

Aside from the heart-healthy benefits of red wine, polyphenols present in the drink have anti-aging properties, as they protect the skin from UV light and keep it elastic.  These antioxidants in the wine strengthen collagen, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  The rule of thumb on this is: the darker the wine, the better it is for you and your skin.

Although resveratrol supplements contain a much higher dose of the antioxidant than what is present in wine, experts say that consuming one glass of red wine is proven to provide a variety of benefits.  They recommend that to reap the health benefits of red wine without overindulging, women should have one glass per day, and men should have two.  Keep in mind that since large amounts of alcohol have various harmful effects, doctors will not recommend red wine to those who do not already drink it.  The health benefits are just an added bonus for those who already enjoy an occasional glass of wine!

For more information, visit the resources listed below:

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